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PBRH3 #44 Love is in the Air

Cum on out and hash with us on this second Tuesday of February. Love is in the air – and it’s Mardi Gras! – so get yer cute heiney out and hash with us. $3 hash cash, bring cranium lamp, expect surprises along the way. Start is at the Nations Bar and Grill over in, well, the Nations area.

PBRH3 #35 Elmo Strikes Again

EF Buddy steps up to the plate, haring once more for PBRH3! Will you catch this saucy minx of mayhem as she teases us with trail? Come and find out!

Come on out to Brown’s Diner, come early and pre lube and get a burger or something and get nice and slow, the hare would love that. Or save your hunger for the trail, catch the hare, and get a burger afterwards. It’s up to you, sport.

$3 hash cash, short shitty and full of beautiful wankers like YOU.!