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PBRH3 #43

Sexual Healing’s basement flooded the weekend before Xmas and this calls for a disaster hash. Super short shitty trail.

Meet at 3 Crow 6ishPM (Wednesday is also 2-4-1), possibly in the back bar area. Bring $3 for hash cash, cranium lamp, hand warmers, fuzzy hat, whatever will keep you warm. Hare away 6:30, trail no more than 3 true miles.

PBRH3 #37 Third Tuesday Tweak


Date switch to THIRD Tuesday of the month – May 16th.

Our illustrious hare is Clitterbug so make sure you are ready to take the short, shitty pain she will dole out to your wanker asses.

We will start our shitty journey at Twin Kegs II, 327 Hermitage ave.  There will be shiggy, most likely water, railroad tracks, 2-3 miles.  Twin Kegs often has live music, good fud.  A-A trail. What other shit do you need to know?  Expect floods, high winds, earthquakes, other natural disasters, cum prepared for all.  6:30 meet, hare away 6:45ish, or when you get there.