Hash Trash for PBR #4

St. Patty Prelube

On this day we celebrate yet another hash and for those who believe in heaven and hell the election of a new pope. So there I was at this nice Irish restaurant/bar and met up with some familiar and unfamiliar wankers, Wiener Whisperer, Sexual Healing, and another virgin brought to you by Sexual Healing, Just Marla (I think you know my attention span). So we had a beer, or two, and went outside to have some chalk talk. It was short and sweet because well I kind of knew where and what I was doing. I started off on my way, for those who are slow I was the hare, and began setting the trail, yes it was live. This being a short trail due to me having some problems breathing on this day my 15 min early start (trying not to use the “h” word) may have been too much. I laid the trail and dropped of the beer stop and shot stop, yes you wankers who decided not to come there was Guinness and Jameson on trail. As I was making my way back to the On-In, yes trail was supposed to be 1 mile, I almost got caught by running into the pack trying to find trail. Evidently I should have explained that I enjoy putting marks on light poles, fire hydrants, garbage cans, hookers, dead bodies, etc. So anyways I had to hide behind a delivery truck for ACE hardware (I think) while the pack was looking for trail. I thought they saw me a couple times and even hid between the cab and trailer thinking they were going to walk by on both sides of the truck and catch me. Anyways they found trail again but to their dismay they found trail after the first beer stop but they did find the shot stop. So I decided to take trail back to the beer stop so they could enjoy the nectar I laid out for them. Again they got lost after the shot stop at a check, I swear dead trails only had 1 or 2 marks, though I did forget to mention harrows at chalk talk and as such did not use them on trail. So after a while I saw the pack again and decided to just go get them and walk them to the beer near. There we had a refreshing beverage and was about to go On-In and decided to just have circle there instead. We did a shitty trail for the hare, some accusations for nerd names, showed the virgin how to do a down down, called out the person bringing the virgin for not informing them about traditions or at least hinting about some key ones, and swung low (the song). On-Out.

Oh and I actually did this right after the hash, the world really is going to end. Damn Mayans were just using slow fuses.

— Bubbles