Hash Trash for PBR #3

And Ate Good Burgers

On this day in the year of the Flying Spaghetti Monster we had the third PBR trail the day before V Day. The harriette, Elmo’s Fuck Buddy, had us start at the Twin Kegs for a soon to be shigtastic trail. She was met with the pack who was Sexual Healing, Bubbles, and our first virgin Just Kate, courtesy of Sexual Healing. The trail started off with a BVC as we crossed a busy Thompson Blvd to start off on our path to some delicious nectar we call beer. The first beer near was in a shady area near some tracks, I think if not for my immunizations I may have required a shot afterwards. Off we went to continue our trek for more nectar when we came upon our second beer stop which evidently was in an area that smelt wonderful, lucky for me I couldn’t smell the lustrous aroma. After downing our PBR/Milwaukee’s Best we were on our way yet again. As we continued our loop around the Little Mexico industrial area we arrived to our On-In but to get to it we had make our way up a steep incline of rocks to have some beers again by the sides of some tracks. Our FRB for the evening was Sexual Healing where her virgin exemplified hashing by being our DFL. As we had our circle of down downs and received a song from our virgin we swung low and made our way back to Twin Kegs where we had some pitchers of PBR and listened to some live music. On-Out.